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the Birch

Welcome to the forked world.

Standing at the cross-roads.
Never turn back.

This is homepage. Home pages are obsolete. I should have something new, something modern - the blog. But I don't. Blogs. Photo-blogs. Audio-blogs. Video-blogs. Stick-your-finger-in-my-eye-blogs. Flush my mind into web in 3 seconds. That's just too quick for me. Take your time. I like reading your words. Blah. Really.

To jest coś w rodzaju strony domowej. Głównie w języku angielskim (a przynajmniej zgodnie z moim własnym wyobrażeniem tego języka). Dlaczego tak? Większość gości na tej stronie to nie-mówiący-po-polsku a może są też inne powody. Trochę po polsku znajdziesz w dziale Words - Słowa. Dobranoc.

Why fork? Because road forks, life forks, code forks, processes fork. Because is good name for perl script. Because BSD dæmon keeps fork in its hand. Because of the story. Because it's short. Because eating is fun (either with or without fork). Because bikes have forks. Beacuse anything you can think of. Hope you like it like I do.

-- There's no spoon, Neo!
-- Easy, kid. The fork will do...

-- Marcin Gryszkalis, keeper of the fork
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