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GF1 - the Gravis Ultrasound heart

33 Days of Insomnia

Never finished 4KB intro, coded in i386 assembler, with GF1 synthetized score. GF1 is heart of classic Gravis Ultrasound sound cards. Gravis was great

I created sample generators and quasi-builtin-tracker for the tune. You can see everything in the sources. The intro works (!) in the dosbox. Try it yourself.


download 33doi.exe 3.3K


download 33doi.asm 28.6K - main source file
download 21.7K - GF1 routines
download 1.6K - Font file
download 2.4K - VGA routines
download 1.2K - notes (frequencies)
download 33doi.txt 1.5K - info file


33 doi 1 33 doi 2
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