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The Story of Cryogen

datewhat happened
X 1997Cryogen founded by Motzel and Artjohn
14-15 XII 1997First demo called "Shuvax" released on Astrosyn'97 copy party held in (rated at 4th place)
XII 1997Szum joined as a swapper after the party:Max joined as raytracer and object maker
I 1998Arson joined as musican:Dagoon joined as musican:Tommy joined as swapper:Szum decided to become a sysop
II 1998Johnko of Mist joined as musician
III 1998MetalMancer joined as coder
IV 1998Yacca joined as a graphician
25-26 IV 1998Rush Hours'98 party held in Czestochowa: - Arson's XM released to multichannel compo: - Suspend's 64K intro with Motzel's code was shown: - Logrus' 64K intro with Dagoon's music came 2nd
27 IV 1998Szum changed his nick to Mentat
30 IV 1998Mentat changed his nick to Szum
V 1998Scyzoryk joined as a graphician
VII 1998Szum become Cryogen's organizer
VII 1998Johnko released his two techno tunes on Scenest'98
7-9 VIII 1998Quast'98 party held in Elblag: - "Spark" - 64K intro rated at 5th place
24-25 VIII 1998Intel Outside V party held in Warsaw: - Shade pixel gfx by Scyzoryk was released
28-30 VIII 1998Gravity'98 party held in Turawa: - Pluz 4kb intro by Mancer was 6th.: - Guardian gfx by Yacca was 14th.: - Sunrise mchn by Arson was 18th.:also released: - Plazowicz (ray by Szum): - Heat (pixel gfx by Scyzoryk): - Mielizna (ray by Yacca): - Czara (ray by Max).: also Max and Nobbie took 15th place with their mchn.
9-11 X 1998Scyzoryk released his first truecolor gfx, and he took 10th place on Cache'98.
20-22 XI 1998Johnko released Princess of Persia at Demobit'98, and he took 5th place there!
XII 1998Candle and Xor joined as coders!
III 1999Astrosyn'99: - Scyzoryk released Monique
VI 1999Artjohn and Xor left the scene =(
VII 1999Xenium'99 party held in Wloclawek: - "Come on" - 64kb intro won a first prize !: - 2nd place in VHS compo !: - "Beton jungle" - mch msx by Johnko released: - "Nessie" - true color picture by Yacca released: - Szum released his first pic (oldskool one), but it didn't pass the selection.
VIII 1999Avalanche - musician joined
IX 1999Gravity'99 held in Turawa: - nothing released
IX 1999Horizon'99 held in Wroclaw (Szum home city): - "Yola" done by Yacca took 2nd place: - "Golden Ribbon" lame manga sketch by Szum took 4th
X 1999Enok - pixel graphician joined
IV 2000Mekka Symposium'2000: - "Falco - the Space Rider" 64kb intro released: - Mime (graphician) joined
VIII 2000Mancer become Cryogen organizer:Crash - musician - joined
??? 2000Antique'2K: - Cube 4K intro released (?)
VIII 2005Szum died, gone for the neverending copy party...

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