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Atari (and C64) songs remixed

I wanted to create multichannel / multi-instrumental versions of famous tunes and keep oryginal spirit of 8-bit generators. If you like this stuff - visit - thousands of such tunes!

No .mp3 versions, though I may create them someday...

ASMA is the biggest and only official oryginal Atari XL/XE music archive. Heaven of square waves, static noises and out-ouf-tune beeps. POKEY experience.

Amaurote David Whittaker download amaurote.xm 364K
Arkanoid (c64) unknown download arkanoid.xm 291K
Blinky's Scary School Adam Gilmore download blinkys.xm 316K
Digi-loo digi-ley Kemal Ezcan download digiloo.xm 312K
Draconus Adam Gilmore download draconus.xm 250K
Jocky Willson's Darts Challenge Adam Gilmore download jwdarts.xm 324K
Mission Shark (Misja) Janusz Pelc download missions.xm 473K
Monty On the Run (c64) Adam Hay download monty.xm 228K
Nemesis (intro) unknown download nemesis.xm 286K
Ninja Commando Adam Gilmore download ninjaco3.xm 343K
Platoon unknown download platoon3.xm 384K
Thinker 2 Jakub Husak download thinker2.xm 255K
Wizardry (sinclair) unknown download wizardry.xm 312K
Winter Olympiad '88 - slalom Chris Murray download wo88.xm 296K
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