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The Lost Faith

Lost Faith is the Message. It's music that tells the story. Story of young, terrified man. Story of escape. Story of shadows. Story that ends somewhere.

Don't loose your Faith.
Don't loose your Hope.
Believe in Love.
And pray the Lord.

Dedicated to You.

allLost Faith Complete (all parts in one file) download 2.0M download LostFaithComplete.mp3 31.9M
intro Introduction download 95.5K download LostFaithIntro.mp3 831K
part one Goodbye mr. Blue download 109K download LostFaithPart1.mp3 2.4M
part two Sunday download 172K download LostFaithPart2.mp3 4.0M
part three Calm Reality download 69.8K download LostFaithPart3.mp3 3.7M
part four You Will Die Twice download 260K download LostFaithPart4.mp3 2.9M
part five Hate Experience download 222K download LostFaithPart5.mp3 2.3M
part six Earth Alone download 255K download LostFaithPart6.mp3 3.2M
part seven Freedom Walk download 298K download LostFaithPart7.mp3 4.8M
part eight Last Happy Hour download 236K download LostFaithPart8.mp3 2.6M
part nine I Missed the Bus download 138K download LostFaithPart9.mp3 3.6M
the end The End download 122K download LostFaithTheEnd.mp3 1.7M
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