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XMPlay and BassMod library

XMPlay is Windows music player, supporting several audio formats. It's got the best (most accurate to FT2) XM reproduction to be heard from any player. All features/effects (including several FT2 quirks) are 100% supported. The IT reproduction is also practically balls-on, with full support for all effects/NNA/DCA/filters etc... Other features like stereo samples and DMO effects are also fully supported.
BassMod is the programmers library that can play (only) modules. Same routines are used in XMPlay. It's freely available but closed-source. There's XMMS BassMod plugin available.
XMPlay and BassMod oryginal website
XMPlay support site

DUMB Library, Audacious

DUMB is an IT, XM, S3M and MOD player library. There are plugins for XMMS and ancestors (BMP, BMPx, Audacious) and Winamp.
Audacious is gtk2 based audio player that evolved from (now obsolete) XMMS player.


Winamp is not bad itself but its oryginal mod plugin is terrible. Do NOT use it for playing modules (mod/xm/it). Install xmplay or dumb plugins for winamp.
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