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Some words from Simon Travaglia

Life the Video?

Life ISN'T a video machine. It DOESN'T have a Rewind, Stop, Pause, or an Edit/Re-Record button. You record once, and that's it. And you never know when the tape's going to run out. I guess the major point is that reincarnation or not, we only get one shot at THIS life, and you never get the bits back that you waste.

Record well.

Yes, there are FastForward and Eject buttons, but they're extremely wasteful.

Fairy Tales

In a good fairy tale, SOMETHING has to happen before everyone 'lives happily ever after'. The better the story, the more SOMETHINGs. It would absolutely SUCK if you paid a few bucks for a book only to find that on the first page it said "Once upon a time they all lived happily ever after" and the rest of the book was blank.

Don't get pissed off with your story just because you've hit a SOMETHING. It could make the happy ever after even better...

The Bus of Life

On the bus of MY life, sometimes I drive, sometimes I'm just a passenger and other times (like now) I'm a tour guide. Whatever I do, it's my trip and I can always stretch out on the back seat and sleep during the boring bits. Every time I think I've lost control over my life I realise that I've been sticking to the highways too much and have forgotten how to find alternate routes around the problem coming up.


Accept it...
"You'll have to learn to accept that that's the way I act"
"And you'll have to accept that I can't accept that"


The rear view mirror in your car is MUCH SMALLER than your windscreen. This is because you spend a lot more time looking out your windscreen because this is where most of the important stuff is going to come from.

Retrospect is the rear-view mirror of life. Don't spend too much time looking in it or you'll miss out on the IMPORTANT STUFF that's coming up.

Oh, and use the side mirrors instead of the rear-view mirror from time to time, just so you get a different persopective on the past.

Enough said.

And keep the windscreen clear of bugs.

Simon Travaglia
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